End goal of all human pursuits is Happiness.

But the reckless chase for Happiness may actually result in SADNESS

(Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Negativity,  Exhaustion, Scars and Setbacks)

which adversely affects the quality of life. We at Happiness Institute have designed various courses that result in Genuine Happiness.

Learn how to create GENUINE HAPPINESS

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The end goal of every human endeavor is
Happiness. Can we start with Happiness and then pursue these projects? Imagine the outcomes of the actions? Will it boost the speed and effectiveness?


Laughter is the best exercise for the physical fitness, emotional fitness, financial fitness and spiritual fitness. People who laugh everyday are super successful and super magnetic personalities.


Abundance like happiness is a state of mind. You can feel that you lack money even when your bank balance is hefty. On the other hand, you can feel abundant with just hand to mouth survival.